Product liability for all products but mainly for aliments is now a compulsory cover required by both state and buyers. A further coverage is the product recall. 

Depending on the countries and type of commodity, there is different insurance coverage.

The D & O liability relieves Directors-managers and Officers in administrative positions from liability to third parties and shareholders.

Civil liability of a carrier is now required and in accordance with the contracts signed by the contracting parties. 

Liability for environmental pollution will be mandatory in the immediate future and will require high coverage and expertise.

There are many sorts of liability cover such as: professional liability due to the company’s operation, liability due to construction projects, employer’s liability, directors and officers’ liability, product liability, environmental damage.

The law calls for compulsory liability insurance, such as, liability of: crafts and vessels, vehicles and work machinery, designers and constructors of public and private projects, clinical studies,

hunters, tour operators, sea pollution, road and air transportation, certified auditors, lawyers, doctors.

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