The insurance of an enterprise for its fixed assets must be based on several sub-elements. 

The amounts of the collected securities, the texture and the storage of the goods, the risk locations and the coverings they need are some of them.

It is very important to clarify in advance the insurance value that may be completely different from the book value. 

For this reason, the preparation of an expert's opinion on the initial delimitation of value is the main concern before coverage. 

Actual value, new value and replacement value are concepts that should be clear and lead to proper coverage.

Each cover must receive a proper damage history and a wide range of covers. 

Exceptions and deductibles are tools that help save money to better cover assets in a better way.

The techniques followed vary in each insurance company. 

That is why there should be special agreement in case of            co-insurance. 

The same applies to special terms. 

Proper interpretation - per insurance company - requires specialization, time and proper procedures.

Additional coverage following fire insurance is loss of profits, money theft, earthquake cover, terrorist attacks, etc.

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